Executive digital audit service

Summary: The Internet is a megaphone and e-commerce engine. And it’s a black hole, sucking in money, staff time and attention. To maximize a company’s digital ROI, Pressflex’s team maps the company’s competitive digital landscape and then prioritizes the steps needed to maximize market reach and cut costs.

Background: Thirty years after the launch of the world wide web, digital media has grown exponentially in volume and complexity. Tech, tools and strategies that were cutting edge five years ago are today broken or stale, though still vacuuming up resources. Layers of features or responsibilities have been added, but few have been trimmed. Stakeholders evaluate a firm’s credibility based on its website. Online is an arms race that everyone’s losing!

Myriad facets comprise a company’s digital footprint — from H1 tags to podcast tone to Twitter frequency to mobile navigation to keyword inlinking. While stakeholders have differing opinions about what their organization should “do online,” they lack the expertise or objectivity to meaningfully analyze the company’s digital efforts, prioritize tactical actions or strategic direction.

The challenge: How should a company cost-effectively maximize its online presence? 

The solution: Pressflex’s team answers this question with a five-stage methodology.

1) Stakeholder Survey: Survey company staff and select partners to uncover digital pain points, appetites and themes.

2) Benchmarking: Rigorously benchmark the company’s digital footprint against those of 2-4 of its competitors, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of each.

3) Strategic Recommendations: Provide an executive road map for digital strategy, plus a prioritized action plan to achieve tangible results and potential cost savings. 

4) Consultation: Advise executives and staff on implementation. 

5) Progress Audit: ~6 months later, assess the implementation and effects of recommendations.

This 14-week engagement for stages 1-4 costs $34,500 for benchmarking versus two peers (or $40,500 versus four peers). Stage 5 is optional.

Benefits: The stakeholder survey, peer benchmarking, road map and recommendations ensure that your company’s digital footprint maximizes ROI while fulfilling the company’s commitment to quality, precision and customer service.

Pressflex: After pioneering the concept of SaaS CMS — renting rather than selling websites to publishers — in 1998, Pressflex launched Blogads.com, the Internet’s first social media ad platform in 2002 and provided consulting, ad sales and technical services to social media gorillas like PerezHilton and DailyKos. Pressflex is led by Henry (Hank) Copeland (Yale ‘84) and Zsolt Remenyi (Budapest University of Technology & Economics ‘94.)