Webmaster services

Pressflex is the webmaster for publishers. Since 1998, our team of programmers and analysts has provided sites and know-how to more than 100 newspapers, magazines and major websites. Pressflex's expertise includes deploying powerful content management systems, customizing open source tools, creating lively social media experiences, design, consulting, and site analytics.


Highly customizable site features available via user friendly management interface. Content creation and editing is intuitive and convenient.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

We believe in open source technologies. Our platform allows the integration of various third-party services, tailoring your website and CMS to your needs.


Emphasis on search engine optimization and SEO-friendly features available directly in the CMS help you maximize your website's traffic from search engines.

The Pressflex Services:


The OECD Observer magazine has jumped from being invisible to being highly ranked on the world�s main search engines. Pressflex has done what it said it would do when we teamed up in 1999.

Rory Clarke Editor, OECD Observer