Miklos Gaspar: Digital Classifieds Survey

Digital Classifieds Survey

June 12, 2006

With continuing migration of classified advertising from print to online, newspapers need to stop defending print at all costs and build their long-term strategy. Only those that embrace change can turn the threat of migration into an opportunity. The annual WAN survey on classified advertisement migration, written by Pressflex MD Miklos Gaspar, provides important insight into the trends in classified advertising.

To download the executive summary or buy the entire report, please visit WAN's Shaping the Future of the Newspaper page.

Classified Models Revisited

Classified models: winners and losers

June 3, 2005

The report, researched and co-authored by Pressflex and published by the World Association of Newspapers, examines the opportunities for newspaper publishers to defend their classified advertising markets in the face of relentless migration to the internet. It includes the latest research on this migration and shows how publishers can leverage the advantages that newspapers offer advertisers: local branding, strong readership across most generations, contact with traders, reliable reputation, strong marketing capability, in-house resources, in-house sales, content management skills and technology.

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Classified advertising is on the move

June 2, 2004

Pressflex researched and coauthored the first ever crossmarket survey of classified advertising migration to the Internet, published by the World Association of Newspapers.

The pace of the migration from print to Internet is relentless, but manageable. By confidently and imaginatively managing the market, publishers can retain their profits and customer relations as they and their advertising move toward the digital age.

This report offers some simple rules to help newspapers retain their grip on their classified markets.

For more information and to obtain a copy of the report, click here

Cannibalization? Au contraire!

French newspapers with web sites beat their print-only peers’ circulation performance

February 8, 2002


Most magazines with sites ignore the Internet's marketing power

Analysis of 49 lifestyle magazine marketing professionals' views of the Internet

September 15, 2001


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